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1. What are private luxury villa rentals?

Phuket luxury villa rentals are privately owned luxury homes that are made available for rent by its villa owners. These luxury villas are complete with high-end amenities that you can also find in 5-star hotels such as private infinity edge swimming pools, cinema rooms, spacious bedrooms, gym, spa, and more. The difference is that you will be able to enjoy them without sharing with strangers. These luxury villas are also staffed with dedicated team to assist you with anything you need during your stay, including a manager, chef, and concierge.

2. What is the normal price range?

Price range may vary depending on the villa size, the number of bedrooms rented, the number of people occupying the villa, and the season. We only feature a villa with a minimum of 4 bedrooms. However, some may accept the villa to be rented as 2-3 bedrooms. We have villas available to be rented at US$900 up to US$8,000 per night.

3. How do I make payments?

Payments are accepted via Bank Transfer, Paypal, or Credit Card.

4. How do I know that my payment is safe?

We take the security and safety of our hosts and guests very seriously. The Phuket Villas has partnered with Europ Assistance, an insurance company that covers against consequences and problems for holiday rentals up to 3 months, such as holiday cancellation or interruption, damages to property belonging to the owner, financial loss due to dishonesty or fraud, and non-conformity of rented accommodation. This insurance is offered optional to all our guests and is only applicable for direct bookings done through our website, See more details below or CLICK HERE TO OBTAIN YOUR PREMIUM.

5. Are these villas safe for Kids?

Most villas in Phuket are built on the cliff or hillside that may not be safe for Kids. However, there are some that are designed for the entire family to stay. If you need kid-friendly luxury villas, you may consider going to Koh Samui where we have luxury beachfront villas and are safe and ideal for groups traveling with kids. Overall, care should always be taken with young children.

6. Do the villas include food?

Food is not included on the rental. However, some villas offer free breakfast. More information is shown on the different villa details. Most of them have live in staff who buy all food and drink at cost for you, and prepare it in the way you like.

7. Can you arrange cars and tours for me?

Some luxury villas in Phuket have cars included. If not, yes the manager or concierge can arrange them before or when you arrive. We strongly suggest that you hire a car with driver. Driving habits on Phuket can best be described as “erratic”. Tours, etc. can be arranged by your villa staff.

8. Do the villas have live in staff?

Yes, most of the villas have live in staff who can help you with almost anything you need.

9. What are the facilities in the villa?

All villas are different in style and design, size, color, and facilities. Standard to the luxury villas that we feature, are stunning infinity edge swimming pool, cinema or media room, ocean views if not ocean front. Some may have a spa and fitness room, tennis court, and mini golf course. Please read the villa details before booking.

10. Is smoking allowed at the villa?

Smoking is not allowed inside all villas. However, there are many outdoor areas around the villa where you can smoke.

11. Can the villas be rented if I only need 2 or 3 bedrooms?

Yes, some of the villas are available for rental as 2 or 3-bedroom. You may contact our villa specialist for details. Generally, this will be stated on the particular web page of each villa.

12. How do I get to the villa on arrival?

Most villas include a 2-way airport transfer as complimentary. However, if it’s not included, the manager or concierge can help you arrange for the transfer or car rental if you require.

13. How is the weather in Phuket?

During high and peak seasons, the weather is usually dry and hot. Low season has some rains but mainly later afternoon or overnight. We suggest that you look at one of the online weather services on the web or download an app on your smartphone for weather updates.

14. How are the Thai people?

The Thais are always smiling the reason the country got the title as “Land of Smiles”. The Thais are very laid back. They have a common phrase called “Sabai Sabai” which means, just relax or chill out. There is no such thing as rushing everywhere. Always stay calm and polite in all circumstances and never lose your temper. Learn more about Thai Culture.

15. How do I know which villa is best for me?

Our villa specialists will help you with the process of choosing the best villa for you. Depending on the number of guests and the composition of your group (i.e. if you have kids, elderly), our team will help you and guide you which villa best suits your needs.

16. Do some villas charge in THB? What about the taxes?

Most of the villas listed on our website charged in USD. However, some may charge in THB. In any case, this will be stated in the Terms & Conditions of the individual villa, including the mention of taxes.

17. What about refunds of payments?

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions of each villa for this.

18. Is there a minimum stay period?

During low season, most villas require a minimum stay of 3 nights. In other seasons like Christmas & New Year, the minimum stay can be from 10-14 nights. All these are subject to villa owner’s approval.